Monday, February 12, 2007

Chuck's first sock progress!

I've finally started - Hurray! There have been delays due to finishing the Anemoi Mittens (and their subsequent loss - I was crushed when they disappeared from my desk at work!) the loss of our website and all postings as well (what a week!!) and the build of a new site - check it out at - it's a work in progress and I'm trying to decide how regroup and what, if anything to try to re-post.
Anyway, I was really excited to get started - I’m only 2 repeats into the sock, so I have quite a ways to go. But it is moving alonger faster as I go. I’m finding that cabling without a cable needle is very handy for this project, and actually works out really well with the stranding. I'm working hard at keeping an even tension, something that I struggle with a bit, I'm not very consistent. We'll see how it goes!!


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